Today cities are facing a lot of challenges to ensure a good quality life of their inhabitants and those challenges will be growing in the future due to a large variety of factors, such as :

  • A relentless demographic growth will gain urban areas as it is planned that 2/3 of the world's population will live in urban centres in 2050
  • The unavoidable climate change will have a devastating impact on cities
  • Pollution of all kinds (gas, chemical, noise. . .) will have a negative impact on population health
  • The disconnect with nature and direct sources of food, sometimes severe, of big urban areas

The public authorities will have to face serious problems due to the complexity of the situation, but it is reasonable to think that cities might not only become the chaos described by many specialists but would be smarter and smarter in a near future.

CreaCities is linked to Smart Cities in all its aspects. The idea was born within a context of a multitude of business and information propositions thru specialized media and mass media but there was a lack of global media.

First of all, CreaCities is a website linked to social media, aimed to provide a source of information to elected officials, companies and citizens, mainly dedicated to creativity and innovation as follows: new technologies, energy, housing, mobility, tourism, sustainable development, social & solidarity economy. . . in Europe, Africa, Asia and USA.

This thematic section is enhanced by other sections, mainly with free access, such as a glossary of terms related to the subject, an agenda of specific events or a directory with professional contacts in local authorities and companies.

Also, Creacities is a structure of communication specialists in B2C and B2B and in 'local' marketing, with an extensive experience and relationship with elected officials, plus experts specialized in 'smart cities' who will provide a large range of services, information & education, such as :

  • opinion surveys (in a qualitative & quantitative way) only
  • audiovisual contents (ITW studio & fieldwork, institutional films. . . )
  • special event management (breakfast, workshops. . . )
  • data visualisation (from your data)
  • mobile applications
  • directories (paper & numeric)
  • ...

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